GalooliOTO Fleet Management System

The ideal solution for Fleet Managers

GalooliOTO offers advanced remote mobile asset management solutions aimed at maximizing businesses’ performance and cutting Operation Costs. With AI-based analytics at its core, those unique solutions equip businesses worldwide with the tools to translate countless data points into bottom-line solutions.

AI Insights

GalooliOTO employs advanced Artificial Intelligence to gather diverse data points from assets and analyse them to provide recommendations for more efficient usage and greater savings.

Fleet & Leasing

With fleets distributed across multiple regions, Fleet and rental companies need a centralized, easy-to-use resource that consolidates data and enables them to manage their assets. From location and real-time vehicle status to reports on driver behaviour, GalooliOTO gives companies complete control over the whereabouts of their assets and costs incurred.

Trucks & Busses

GalooliOTO offers logistics and transport companies a reliable, and accurate system for tracking and managing the whereabouts of their assets and associated expenses, including better estimation of delivery times, and complete analysis of driver’s behaviours with as a result notable reduction journey costs.

System Components

Hidden tracking unit (Starlink), operated via GPS/Cellular technology

Advanced real-time secure Web-based interface

Mobile app (iOS/Android)

Control & managerial reporting application (BI) for driver behavior data, operated through car fleet management software

Track & Trace to locate your vehicle’s whereabouts in real time and trace its trip history.

Driver Behaviour to modulate accurately driving and assesses drivers according toon-road performance.

Fleet Management through AI

GalooliOTO proposes solutions for:

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Precise, live measurement of fuel levels accurately chart usage and expenditures, alerting when sudden drops in fuel levels are detected.

Driver behaviour

Driver behaviour

Smart driver behaviour accurately detects hazardous driving and assesses drivers according to their real-time on road-performances.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Countless data points are collected and analysed to provide straightforward insights for maintaining optimal vehicle maintenance and efficiency.

Data management

Data management

Intuitive dashboards clearly display and break down all expenses, helping to identify and isolate potential areas of overspending.