Implementing Mobileye into your fleet is the easiest management decision you’ll ever make.

Telematics Integration

Integrate with ease.

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System seamlessly integrates into most fleet management and telematics systems.

For enhanced analysis, aggregated data can be easily exported to a third-party telematics or fleet management systems, providing greater visibility of your fleet and insights into driver behaviour. The true advantage of Mobileye, however, is that it’s a real-time solution, meaning it doesn’t require a manager to have to take the time to review historical data.

All alerts are available via the Mobileye CAN channel for telematics and third-party integrators.


The easiest system to maximise Fleet Management and to bring you concrete results.

Every company with a fleet, or renting cars, is facing the same challenges; to reduce the accidents, to reduce the insurance costs, to modify the employee behaviour, to find cost savings solutions and to achieve goals. On the other side the fuel cost is increasing, the insurance costs also, the price of the new cars is not going down and the costs of accidents do not decrease.

So what is the answer to all those challenges that could be considered as a paradox?

A Mobileye system:

You can decrease accidents in your fleet, manage the driver behaviour, impact on the fuel consumption and manage the right maintenance timing of your vehicles. Even better you can upload all the data thanks to a special software and analyse statistics every day/Month/Trimester and Year.

You can receive alarms and alerts in real time, and save a lot of money for your company.

Professional road safety for every driver.

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System successfully provides advanced driver protection that doesn’t require any previous experience of lessons or even to be an expert¬-level know¬-how from the user. In fact, very little driver training is needed at all.

The Mobileye system is specifically designed to keep your employees, or drivers of car rental, safe in every situation. Whether they are fleet professionals or everyday drivers, anyone may need help during his driving time, in order to avoid accidents, to prevent obstacles, or to give warnings when loosing attention at a certain moment. The Mobileye third eye on the road ensures any human deficiency – which is exactly what we promise.
Composed by a black box placed on the main windshield and a smart watch screen that informs the driver with visuals and sounds alerts, easy to install and to adopt.

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System also provides the advantage of an all¬-in¬-one.


Mobileye® 6 Series – anti-collision system equipped with a single forward-facing vision sensor, designed for drivers of all types of vehicles: new car, used car, driving school…


Mobileye Shield +  – anti-collision system equipped with several vision sensors designed for trucks, buses and commercial vehicles…


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