ATI is specialised in resolving Fleet Managers’ dilemmas by bringing them concrete solutions. We are mastering combinations of technological solutions in order to ensure the best results in terms of Fleet Management optimisation. Our position on the market is to propose the integration of those solutions, both in Fleet Management, and in all vehicles that are part of it.
Thanks to our wide range of services and software, we are able to analyse the specific needs of any Fleet of vehicles in matters of Mobility, Security, Economy or Accidentality.
We offer technical solutions in areas such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Remote Mobile Asset Management Solutions or Anti-Collision Systems for buses or trucks.
From exclusive solutions to “à la carte” combinations of specific solutions, our advanced technologies can be customised to the specific needs of any kinds of vehicle or Fleet.
With ATI, Fleet Managers can already embrace today the future of Fleet Management.

Discover our products

Mobileye’s collision avoidance system helps drivers by acting as a “third eye”, constantly monitoring traffic and pedestrians in front of the vehicle.

Mobileye Shield+TM is the most advanced anti-collision system on the market for buses, coaches, trucks and utilities. It can be installed on any vehicle, using 3 or 5 cameras.

GalooliOTO offers advanced remote mobile asset management solutions aimed at maximizing businesses’ performance and cutting Fleet operation costs.

Also dedicated to private cars

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Do you pass your driving license? Is your car not equipped with ADAS features? Mobileye technology is THE solution to increase road safety, reduce the risk of accidents, but also for you to save substantial amounts of money on your car insurance.